2024 CFMS-AFMS Gem Show & Convention
hosted by the Ventura Gem & Mineral Society

Seaside Gems at Ventura

Fri - Sun, May 24-26, 2024

Ventura County Fairgrounds • Ventura, CA



Volunteers needed! -- Volunteer sign up page

It takes a lot of people to put on a gem show, and even more to put on this 3-day CFMS-AFMS show. We need volunteers, beginning with setup on Wednesday and Thursday, continuing during the show itself on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and concluding with cleanup Sunday evening. Lunch will be provided for volunteers. And we give you a free pass and free parking too! For the perks, all we ask is at least 4 hours of your time (although most people will enjoy helping out so much that they pitch in for a lot more than 4 hours). If you are travelling from afar, volunteering introduces you to a lot of new friends in the gem and mineral community.

Here's what kind of help we need:

Wednesday (9 am - 6 pm): The fairgrounds will set up the tables, but the rest is up to us. Setup jobs include hauling supplies from Camp Comfort, skirting tables, assembling display cases, arranging various booths like hospitality, kids, silent auction.

Thursday (9 am - 8 pm): Exhibitors and dealers move in. We need help directing the dealers, exhibitors, and campers to their spaces and helping with anything that comes up.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (10 am - 5 pm): The show itself relies on volunteers to man all the booths and help in many general jobs. We'll assign people on an as needed basis. Just sign up for a time slot.

Sunday dismantling: Beginning a 4 pm, as soon as the show closes, we step into action to clean everything up, and clear the buildings. When we're done, we have a pizza party!

Club Central

Club Central (Fri, Sat, Sun) is the place for the general public to identify a club near them, and for gem society members to learn about other clubs. Club Central will be manned by representatives of gem societies to answer questions about their group and provide club brochures. We especially need representatives from the societies in central and southern California, but we would like to see any and all clubs participate! If your club can send someone to volunteer for 4 hours at the Club Central booth, they will receive a free pass and free parking to the show like any other volunteer. Please use the volunteer sign up page to indicate your willingness to sit with Club Central.

Volunteer with donations:

Cookies and desserts to go in the break area. Just bring them anytime during all 5 days to the Volunteer Rest Area where we will have coffee and other drinks available throughout the day.

Raffle prizes: These will be the highest value items, like premium mineral and fossil specimens, lapidary work, and any other showy items with a perceived value of over $25. Please bring these during set up on Thursday.

Silent auction: Good value items, like large rough material for lapidary work, good quality slabs, large mineral, fossil and petrified wood; equipment in good working condition, jewelry and jewelry or lapidary supplies. Bring these to the silent auction booth at any time.

Kid's prizes: Anything decent that is not quite up to the grade for the silent auction, like small specimens, polished slabs, tumbled stones, any eye candy for kids. Also, plastic or paper bags.

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